La nuova battaglia tra Facebook, Google, Verizon e Yahoo guarda alla Tv #videoevoluzione


There’s a coming scrum that will involve all the major Internet giants, and the stakes are just being set now. It’s a fight for video footprint; specifically, for off-network video distribution and monetization. And it has heated up significantly over the past year, driven by a handful of expensive acquisitions and internal build-outs.
This same fight (albeit with banner ads) took place during the heyday of the display advertising market — and it’s the
reason for the success of Google, Yahoo and TechCrunch parent AOL, among many others. These companies started off selling their own internal inventory, then branched out to serving ads on the long-tail Internet at large. As a result, the top 35 display ad sellers account for roughly 85 percent of total digital advertising revenues. That might seem top heavy, but in online video, that same market share is held by the top five online video destinations alone.
But video is just starting to see its own distribution networks coalesce. Up to now, the problem has been a lack of available inventory. Most high-trafficked video destinations are either portals like YouTube and Facebook, or TV brands with (continua a leggere su

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